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Budget Projections

Two Major Reports Target Debt Reduction

In the past two days, at least two new voices have joined a growing chorus of organizations warning that our federal debt is growing at an unsustai

CBO Monthly Budget Review Shows Record December Deficit

The government ran record deficits of $390 billion in the first quarter of FY2010, according to the CBO’s

How Much Will Health Reform Cost?

UPDATE: CMS released its estimates of the final Senate bill on Fri

Release of 'Red Ink Rising'

Warning that the out-of-control federal debt places the economic future of our nation at risk, the Peterson-Pew

CBO Report Discusses ARRA Effect on Jobs, GDP Growth

The Congressional Budget Office has come out with a report estimating the impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on employment and...

FDIC Deposit Fund Turns Negative

Yesterday, the FDIC reported that the deposit insurance fund fell below zero fo

Interactive and Sharable Graphs Comparing the Health Care Bills


The True Costs of Health Reform

UPDATE: CBO has modified its cost estimate for the House bill to save $138 billion over ten years, instead of $109 billion. This change is due...

Updated Health Care Charts

UPDATE: SEE THE MARCH UPDATE HERE.CRFB has updated its health care chart, detailing the ten-year costs and savings from the most recent...