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A New War Spending Gimmick In The Budget Deal

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 is now the law of the land. While the law does not necessarily prevent a government shutdown, it does raise the...
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Two Months, Four Fiscal Speed Bumps to Deal With

We are coming down the home stretch of calendar year 2015, with only a little more than two months left. Lawmakers will have to get to work as they...

Congress Might Gladly Pay You in 2022 for Sequester Relief Today

A recent press report (paywall) indicates that Republicans may be looking to pay for increased defense spending next year by promising defense cuts...

Appropriations Watch: FY 2016

Here is a link to the Appropriations Watch for FY 2020. Last updated 12/9/15. Lawmakers passed a continuing resolution funding the...
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CBO Forecasts Costs of Climate Change

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has released new estimates of the cost of climate change, specifically as it relates to hurricanes. The report...
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Defunding Health Care Innovation Jeopardizes the Budget

In a move that could stall promising health care delivery system reforms and drive up entitlement spending, the House Appropriations Committee last...
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Updated Appropriations 101

Note: We have updated this paper, please see the latest Appropriations 101
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Van Hollen and Mulvaney Stand Up on OCO

One of the most troubling elements of the budget conference agreement was the use of the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account as a slush...
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Appropriators Jump the Gun and Start the FY 2016 Funding Race

The House Appropriations Committee kicked off appropriations season this week by starting to mark up their Fiscal Year 2016 bills at the same time...
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Senate Budget Takes Issue with CHIMPs

The Senate budget by Chairman Mike Enzi (R-WY) contains an important provision to limit a gimmick often used to increase spending using phony savings...